Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get into a beer tent? What does it cost?

There is no entry charge into the Oktoberfest grounds (known locally as the Wiesn) as well as the 14 massive beer tents. However, with millions of visitors it is often a problem getting into a tent – expect queues at peak times especially on weekends – and then once inside finding a table, which you must be seated at to be served. This is nearly always difficult, time consuming and virtually impossible if you are with a bigger group of people. A large proportion of tables are taken up by locals or reserved for corporates and VIPs. Most of the tables for general public are in the beer gardens that surround each beer tent. However these beer gardens are not sheltered the way that you are heavily dependend from the wheather.

What’s it like inside the beertents?

The atmosphere is amazing. Fun and merry, as one would expect. 6-7 million people annually can’t be wrong! Spurred on by the large brass band on a central stage, knocking out the sing-along favourites, the thousands of revellers inside make it probably the biggest party one will ever attend. It is naturally crowded and noisy in this beer-charged environment. The hundreds and hundreds of bench seat tables are narrow and generally cramped – but it is the same for everyone.

What can I book?

You can book either as an individual or a large group. The bench tables at the Oktoberfest seat 10 people. If you are less than 10 people you will be seated with others.

What do I receive?

On top of our warm welcome by our hostesses, coordination on-site, support by our local team and guaranteed entry to the beer tent and your place at a reserved table, you will receive vouchers for beer (stein – litre glasses of beer) plus a meal voucher. Details depend on the package you book. Your reservation will either be for an afternoon session or an evening session at one of the beer tents.

What are the tables like?

You will be seated on basic bench seats along a narrow, typically German, folding wooden tables. Each holds 10 people. It is important to remember that you must be seated at a table to be served. There is no bar in the beer tents. No table, no beer! The beer tents are crowded, noisy and naturally engaged with thousands of people drinking a lot of beer – but fun. It can be cramped at tables as well. But it’s the same for everyone. It is not possible to offer any better seating with any of the beer tents, nor any privileged or private area.

Can I have my own table with less than 10 people?

Tables need to be filled to meet the requirements of each beer tent, so each must have at least 7-8 people on it. In case of empty seats the beer tents and their waitresses serving have the possibility to fill any remaining spaces.